Lynsay Gerry Makeup

Your Wedding Make Up Trial

Friday, April 05, 2019

A wedding makeup trial (or consultation) is always an exciting time for me. It’s usually the first time I meet face to face with a bride to-be and it’s also the starting point for building the foundations of our professional relationship together.

This is our chance to begin to get to know one another and set out our plans for ensuring a success of your makeup ideals on your most special day.

To maximise your enjoyment in the experience of your trial, I have listed below my top tips:

Come prepared

Bring ALL of your inspiration with you, Saved photos, Pinterest boards, magazine clippings – whatever it is you use to find and store your ideas, please make sure to bring this with you. A ‘natural look’ can mean a thousand different things depending on the person wearing and the other observing, so by having your idea of a ‘natural look’ plain to see in the photos you bring – it helps us both to sing from the same hymn sheet.

Let’s talk Skincare

Think about your skincare routine and the products you are currently using. Your skin type, condition and routine will be one of the first things we address at your consultation and provides me with an an opportunity to help you on your way to a solid skincare routine on the lead up to your big day. Remember – beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.

Past experience

Think of a time when you have had a makeup look that you loved! Either applied by yourself or by someone else, what did you like most about it? Is there any elements you would like to recreate in your bridal look? Again, a photo of this makeup will allow me to see exactly what you are trying to communicate to me.

Clothing, always come white or light

Your makeup look will be complementing white/ivory/blush toned hues of your bridal gown (unless you are going alternative!) and so it is really helpful to wear a similar shade and style of top/blouse to your trial, so you can see how your makeup will look against a lighter tone.



Bring Mum/Sister/Friend

whoever it is you can trust and respect an opinion from. This is not essential but I do feel it can be helpful for a bride to have someone along for support, just as many brides do when choosing their dress.

Sit back and enjoy

Remember, the makeup trial is all part of the exciting planning and prepping you will be doing for your wedding day – so relax and enjoy your time being pampered!