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Bridal Makeup – Commonly Asked Questions

Monday, May 04, 2020

Your bridal makeup questions answered…

I have been spending much of the current lockdown, thinking of the many Brides-to-be who should be getting ready for their weddings right now. So, when John from V-10 Visuals Wedding Photography invited me to do a guest spot Q&A over on his blog, It got me thinking of some of the advice I would be giving right now.

Q. I don’t often wear makeup and I’m scared I won’t look like myself, what advice would you give?

A. I meet many brides, who, for their wedding day, are often considering makeup for the very first time. It’s really important that you look like yourself and feel comfortable – your makeup artist must understand this. You may only want to wear a light coverage makeup base with very softly enhanced eyes and lips, or you may want to wear your favourite bold lipstick! The goal should always be to bring out the very best version and confident YOU!

Q. I really want to get my skin in the best condition possible, are there any particular products you would recommend?

A. This is where the expertise of a skincare professional are beneficial. If you can afford it and have the schedule that allows for routine facials, this would be a great option. If you already have a good basic skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising, there are products you can add in to compliment this. I highly recommend using a liquid peel exfoliation method on the skin 2-3 times per week and using a serum to target any specific issues, e.g. to hydrate/brighten skin/minimise pores. Use the serum prior to your moisturiser. If you don’t already use one, an eye cream would also be worth adding in. Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet and drinking plenty of water too!

A few skincare kit favourites from Sonia Roselli

Q. I am considering having a spray tan for my wedding day, is this something you would recommend?

A. If you are normally tanned or if this is a look that you just prefer, absolutely – go for it. I would advise a couple of things to consider though. You should have a trial run with the beauty therapist in advance of your wedding day, you want this to look as flawless and believable as possible. I have had a few situations over the years where I have had to use makeup to ‘patch up’ areas where the tan hasn’t adhered to the skin.

For those of you looking to self tan D.I.Y style-

Q. How long does it normally take to do everyones makeup on the wedding morning?

A. I provide full skin prep, makeup and lash application which takes just under an hour per person. Your Makeup Artist and Hairdresser should work together to ensure the best use of time as a team. They should both be well experienced in working on a wedding party to do this, even if they have never worked together before.

Q. I’m worried that my makeup won’t last on the day, usually by the time I leave work, my makeup has disappeared in areas. What do you do to prevent this from happening?

A. Your bridal makeup artist should know how to expertly layer products in such a way that it is seamless, well blended and feels as light as air to wear, but most importantly – it lasts all day and night! Don’t get me wrong, you will most likely need to top up your lipstick (usually just after your meal, so you are looking fresh for the arrival of your evening guests). As a final step in your makeup application, your artist should use a finishing spray to ‘lock’ everything into place.