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Thursday, April 11, 2019

When it comes to weddings, there seems to be a common theme – everything has to be right. It might seem overwhelming but with a little research it needn’t be…

Your choice of makeup artist on the day will come down to lots of different factors. You will have:

• Browsed their website gallery to determine their style of makeup and its suitability for you.

• Read countless reviews attesting to their reliability and professionalism.

• Checked out their social media platforms, to gauge whether their personality ‘clicks’ with yours.

Whoever you decide to invest in (at the end of the day that is just what you are doing, investing not only your money – but your faith and time in that person too), my advice to you – make sure they are an expert. I am sure you will have put lots of thought into choosing your wedding dress and selecting your makeup artist should be no different.

The makeup artist you have with you on your wedding morning should be a seasoned professional, having performed Bridal Party makeup, time and time again. That means they will have dealt with many situations in their time and will have the skills to problem solve for you. They should have the expertise to perfectly match any skin tone, colour correct, cover blemishes, provide the right care for sensitive skin and create a look that really shows who you are.

Speaking of your wedding dress, as stunning and as important as it will be, there is another thing that will be centre stage all day – your face. Your makeup must be ‘you’ and it must be flawless and long lasting. When your husband to be and your loved ones watch you make your way down the aisle, they will be looking at your smile. When the speeches are being made, the drinks reception, the first dance – your makeup, dress and hair will all be on show. My promise, is to make sure your makeup looks beautiful during all of these special moments.